Thematic tracks

Photo by Mohit Kumar on Unsplash

SSPCR 2022 warmly welcomes contributions from different research fields, including urban and regional planning, environmental and social sciences, economics, transportation, engineering and energy-related studies, computer science and geomantic, as well as from the professional community. The Scientific Committee will review each submission to ensure geographic coverage and a wide variety of topics, formats, and speakers.

Thematic tracks already open to the submission of proposals for sessions are:

  1. Will the climate-neutral city please stand up?
  2. The hidden potential: untapping the benefits of urban transformations
  3. Tackling what remains to be done: environmental sustainability in cities and regions
  4. Strengthening democracy in the energy transition
  5. Leave no place behind: policy making for smart and sustainable regions
  6. Planning for ever-changing mobility: mind the gap!
  7. Discover the internet of cities: from data to knowledge

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