Call for proposals

SSPCR 2022 warmly welcomes contributions from different research fields: urban and regional planning, environmental and social sciences, economics, transportation, engineering and energy-related studies, computer science and geomantic as well as from the professional community.

You have four options to contribute to the conference: you can submit a proposal to 1) organise a session, 2)  organise a side event, 3) give a presentation of your research, or 4) display a poster.

Please identify and indicate the thematic track to which you would like to apply.

  1. ORGANISE A SESSION – Traditional discussion of at least 5 research papers with a moderator. The registration fee is waived for the session organiser only. Session organisers are responsible for the publication of the works presented during their session (read the submission template carefully).
  2. ORGANISE A SIDE EVENT – Formats other than traditional presentations are encouraged. This includes point-counterpoint, panel discussion, moderated debate, interactive workshop, world café, testbed for tools and apps, etc. Selected side event proposals will be invited to bilaterally discuss details with the conference organisers. The side event will be included in the conference program only upon confirmation of logistic and budgetary details (read the submission template carefully).
  3. GIVE A PRESENTATION – Research and project contributions to be discussed in thematic tracks. Your presentation shall last about 15’ + Q&A session. Submitting a paper for conference proceedings is optional, but highly recommended.
  4. DISPLAY A POSTER – Early stage research contributions or project results are welcome in the poster session. Posters will be displayed for the whole duration of SSPCR 2022.


November 15, 2021 – Deadline for submission of special sessions40%
January 10, 2022 – Deadline for submission of side events20%
July 18-22, 2022 – SSPCR 2022 Conference10%


Proposals for sessions and side events must be sent to the address within the given deadline.

Naming convention – Please use this structure: Surname_Type (e.g. Smith_Session; Smith_Side Event; Smith_Paper; Smith_Poster)

Template – Please use the official conference template. Proposals not complying will be rejected.

Language – The official language of SSPCR 2022 is English. All contributions must be written in English. Please consider that no interpreting service is foreseen in the conference sessions.

For technical support, please send your inquiry to


Abstract submission for single presentation or poster is not yet available. It will open after the definition of the sessions. More information is coming soon. Subscribe to SSPCR 2022 newsletter for updates.

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