Alongside scientific sessions, SSPCR 2019 includes the following side events organized by partner institutions and projects.

On 9th and 10th December 2019, the Hotmaps H2020 project team offers a training course at the NOI Techpark. This course is directed to people working for a local, regional and or national authority that is responsible for heating and cooling topics, but also to planners or consultants in this field. Participation is free of charge and requires the presence of participants in loco.

Teaching: Marcus Hummel (e-think), Sara Giovannini (ENERGYCITIES), Simon Pezzutto and Pietro Zambelli (Eurac Research)

For further information please see the Provisional agenda or contact Marcus Hummel


The aim of this event is to bring together a wide range of key stakeholders around integrated planning and implementation of smart and energy-efficient solutions in cities, to discuss not only how efforts to decarbonise cities can be stepped up through wider replication, but also which agenda for research and innovation should be defined to build more collective intelligence and transformative capacity for local governments, under Horizon Europe, national policy agendas and JPI Urban Europe’s Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda 2.0.

What can we learn from the experiences of lighthouse projects and similar projects? What withholds local urban ecosystems from replication? How can we build and better deploy collective evidence? What can research partners learn from experiences in smart city projects? And last but not least, which messages should be delivered to the newly established mission boards regarding needed research and innovation?

This event aims to collect key messages, not only for new policy agendas, but also for a highly ambitious research and innovation agenda centering around integrated approaches for planning and implementation, which will be transferred to national policy makers and the Mission Board on Smart and Cli-mate-neutral Cities and other relevant Mission Boards.

The event is jointly organized by Urban Europe Research Alliance and JPI Urban Europe, the Action Cluster Integrated Planning, Policies and Regulation of the European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities, SCC-01 project Smarter Together and STARDUST, SET-Plan Action 3.2 PED Programme and Tuscan Organisation of Universities and Research for Europe. It will take place on 10th December 2019.

For further information please see the agenda or contact Judith Borsboom-van Beurdenl or Simona Costa.

The EERA JPSC Winter Partner Meeting will be in Bolzano, from 11th to 13th December 2019.

EERA Joint Program on Smart Cities is part of the SET-Plan Action 3.2 “100 PED’s by 2025” Implementation Working Group which is coordinated by JPI UE. During our Partner meeting, we will give an update on the status of the 5 Modules:

  1. PED Definition
  2. PED Labs
  3. PED Guides & Tools
  4. PED Replication & Mainstreaming
  5. PED Monitoring & Evaluation

On the 11th, they will have two workshops; one on Energy Flexibility and one on Matchmaking.

For further information please see the agenda or contact Paola Clerici Maestosi or Siri M L Joli.

On 11th December Italian smart cities qualified as Lighthouse cities / Follower cities within European Smart Cities & Communities projects or involved in Urban Innovative Actions (UIA) or members of EIP-SCC will meet to discuss about further projects within the new Horizon Europe framework.This event aims in particular to share experiences and expectation on how further develop Positive Energy Districts projects and implementing the Smart Cities Guidance Package.

Invited municipalities include, among others, Milano, Bolzano, Trento, Parma, Padova, Ravenna, Livorno, Portici, Roma, Firenze, Lecce, Prato, Bassano del Grappa, Venezia, Torino, Bologna, Latina, Bergamo, Brescia.

For further information please see the final agenda or contact Paola Clerici Maestosi (coordinator of EERA Joint Programme on Smart Cities an vice-chair JPI Urban Europe) or Simona Costa (action cluster leader EIP-SCC).

The event will be held in Italian; by invitation only.

On 10th December, Italian Cities belonging to the SmartEnCity network, will meet to discuss about the Integrated Energy Plan Methodology developed in the course of the project and see preliminary results obtained by Lecce Municipality.

SmartEnCity’s main objective is to develop a highly adaptable and replicable systemic approach for transforming European cities into sustainable, smart and resource-efficient urban environments. The project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement No 691883.

The SmartEnCity Network works to enable committed cities to become smarter and more energy efficient based on an integrated approach for mobility, energy and ICT infrastructure.

For further information contact Michele De Santis (coordinator of Italian SEC Network).

The event will be held in Italian, by invitation only.

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