Planning for ever-changing mobility: mind the gap!

Track 6 – Regular session

Thursday, 21st July 2022 from 11:30 to 13:00 | Seminar room 1

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Track coordinator: Alyona Zubaryeva (Eurac Research, Institute for Renewable Energy)

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Transport networks in cities are close to the breaking point. Innovative ideas are emerging, but some of the new mobility modes that were supposed to fix fundamental issues, such as traffic congestion or air pollution, and improve quality of life are instead compounding these problems or creating new headaches for city planners (discarded shared bicycles clogging up already busy city streets, electric scooters on sidewalks following pedestrian collisions and fatalities, etc.).

Cities and metropolitan regions urgently need an orchestrator to bring order to the transport chaos, by developing an understanding of the complexity and fast transformation of urban mobility, learning from international best practices and big failures (including how pandemic has dramatically changed users’ transportation choices), sharing knowledge on how integrating private players into the public system, and developing needed infrastructure (e-charging systems, multimodal hubs, last mile logistic services, etc.).

We are particularly interested in contributions focused on:

  • Optimisation of mobility infrastructures for the transition to electric and connected autonomous vehicles,
  • Policies for smart mobility and automated vehicles,
  • Urban walkability and 15 min cities,
  • Last mile clean logistic and smart goods delivery,
  • Mobility fleet conversion and e-retrofit of vehicles


  • 605 Maase, Simone – Data-driven Urban Smart Charging of Electric Vehicles – avoiding grid congestion, improving EV charging experience
  • 651 Nava, Alessandro – Investments for greening last-mile logistics: a case study
  • 677 Realini, Anna – Evaluation of sustainable scenarios on extra-urban passenger mobility in Italy
  • 683 Brunetti, Ennio – Tools and strategies for e-mobility development in a challenging territory

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