The Power of Suggestion: Grassroots City Imaging to Inspire Change

Organiser: Change Your Street

Thursday, 21 July 2022 | 16:30h – 18:00h

Room Seminar 1

Format: Workshop

‘Change Your Street’ is an interactive project dedicated to promoting sustainable change in public space around the world, demonstrating through suggestive images, renderings and sketches the potential to create more sustainable, liveable cities. @changeyourstreet is an online portal ( which invites designers, urbanists, planners and the general public to contribute ideas to improve the streets and public spaces of our cities. The profile serves as an archive of exemplary projects, both large and small, that have transformed or aim to transform their urban context.


Part 1 – Presentation

Skye Sturm + Rinaldo Del Nero (Change Your Street)

  • “The City We Want: Visions for Urban Sustainability” – To prepare and inspire workshop participants, the speakers will present exemplary projects which demonstrate improvements to the sustainability and liveability of public space in a variety of global cities of different scales. These will include both proposed projects not yet realised as well as completed interventions with grassroots beginnings.

Part 2 – Workshop

Participants will be invited to work singularly or in pairs to brainstorm urban interventions for selected public spaces or streets in a variety of cities. Participants will use the materials provided and a variety of techniques (collage, sketch, etc.) to create images which represent the potential urban transformations at these sites. Participants will be invited to share their proposals at the conclusion of the workshop as time allows. The collective output from the workshop will be documented and shared via the @changeyourstreet portal.


  • Skye Sturm (Studio Del Nero)
  • Rinaldo Del Nero (Studio Del Nero)

Keynote speakers

Skye Sturm (Studio Del Nero), Rinaldo Del Nero (Studio Del Nero)