Tackling what remains to be done: environmental sustainability in cities and regions

Track 3 – Regular session

Friday, 22nd July 2022 from 11:30 to 13:00 | Seminar room 1

Photo credits: yanalya from freepik.com

Track coordinator: Joana Bastos (Eurac Research, Institute for Renewable Energy)

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The urban form determines the interactions between human and economic activities, increasingly concentrated in cities, and the environment. The unique opportunities offered by cities in tackling climate change and in mitigating environmental impacts associated with our activities, have been consistently highlighted in the last decades. However, the complex dynamics of urban systems need innovative, integrated, multi-sectorial and multi-scalar tools to model and estimate environmental impacts. A diversity of concepts and tools, such as urban metabolism, circular economy, life-cycle assessment and material flow analysis have been increasingly applied in this context. It is time to discuss the most recent advancements and next steps to achieve, in the short term, high-impact and effective solutions, to support decision-making towards an environmentally sustainable and healthy urban future.

We are particularly interested in contributions focused on:

  • Urban and regional environmental sustainability,
  • Advances in the environmental impact assessment of urban and regional systems (e.g., addressing built environment, bioeconomy, mobility),
  • Innovative approaches integrating urban metabolism, life-cycle assessment (LCA) and/or material flow analysis (MFA),
  • Environmental indicators for urban and regional areas,
  • Circular economy at urban and regional scales


  • 534 Jreij, Abdallah – Mega-events as a catalyzer for the sustainability transition in cities and regions
  • 621 Svanda, Nina – Planning and organizing space for climate-friendly spatial development
  • 626 Heidenreich, Michael – Interreg Central Europe “Store4huc”
  • 646 Wang, Qiancheng – Green recovery? – An scenario analysis of city-scale energy impact of remote working in Guangzhou, China
  • 579 Bastos, Joana – Regional metabolism: A material and product flow accounting model for Trentino, Italy

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