Thursday 19 :: ​1. Chairs’ Plenary – Opening I
Thursday 19 :: ​2. Chairs’ Plenary – Opening II

Pietro Elisei

International Society of City and Regional Planners (ISOCARP)

Milica Bajic Brkovic

International Society of City and Regional Planners (ISOCARP)

Wolfram Sparber

EURAC Research, Institute for Renewable Energy
Thursday 19 :: 4. Cooperation and demonstration projects – I

Håkan Perslow

SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden

Pier Carlo Sandei

United Nations Environment Programme

Emanuele Sascor

Municipality of Bolzano
Thursday 19 :: 5. Governance for smart and sustainable growth – I

Markku Mikkola

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland

Hartmut Dumke

Vienna University of Technology, Department for Spatial Planning

Chiara Garau

University of Cagliari – DICAAR

A critical reflection on Smart Governance in Italy: Definition and Challenges for a Sustainable Urban Regeneration

Farnaz Mosannenzadeh

University of trento

Barriers to implementation of smart energy cities in Europe

Thursday 19 :: 6. Energy planning for cities and regions

Roberta Pernetti

EURAC Research, Institute for Renewable Energy

Dominik Bothe

Vienna University of Technology
Thursday 19 :: 7. Smart and sustainable technologies

Chyi Yng Rose Lim

University of Stuttgart IAT/Fraunhofer Institute of Industrial Engineering IAO

Taxi of the future: big data analysis as framework for future urban fleets in smart cities

Yusuf Aina

Yanbu Industrial College

Quest for Leveraging GeoICT for Sustainable Smart Cities: Saudi Arabian Experience

Matija Brkovic

Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade
Friday 20 :: 3. Chairs’ Plenary -​ Opening III

Ezio Micelli

University IUAV of Venice

Ric Stephens

International Society of City and Regional Planners (ISOCARP)
Friday 20 :: 8. Cooperation and demonstration projects – II

Ana Maria Girotti Sperandio

Faculdade Jaguariúna

Studying and building a healthy a Private College project

Jean-Marie Bahu

EIFER – European Institute for Energy Research

Naomi Morishita

University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna

Gilles Novarina

Institut d’Urbanisme de Grenoble

Building a smart city. Technological innovation and sustainable planning in Grenoble

Jessica Balest

EURAC Research, Institute for Renewable Energy

SINFONIA project: tenant’s behaviours in energy refurbishment of buildings

Friday 20 :: 9. Governance for smart and sustainable growth – II

Giorgia Nesti

University of Padova

Living Labs: A New Tool for Co-production?

Luca Mora

Politecnico di Milano

How to become a smart city: learning from Amsterdam

Francesca Leccis

Università degli Studi di Cagliari

Participatory practices in London urban strategies: the case of Bankside

Maria Cerreta

DiARC – University of Naples Federico II

Valorization strategies for marginal areas: adaptive evaluative approaches

Valentina Andreazzo

University IU AV of Venice

Services and retail: an opportunity for evaluating smart and sustainable strategies and governance in Northeastern Italy

Friday 20 :: 10. Benefits, costs and opportunities of urban transition

Magdalena Wagner

Wroclaw University of Technology

Emanuele Facchinetti

Lucerne University of Applied Science

General business model patterns for ‘Local Energy Management’ concepts