Two new keynote speakers announced

Marine Cornelis (Next Energy Consumer) and Pietro Elisei (ISOCARP) have been invited to hold a speech for SSPCR 2022.

Marine Cornelis is the executive director and founder of Next Energy Consumer, a policy consultancy focused on the social aspects of the energy and climate transitions at European and international levels. Her work bridges the needs and experience of civil society, scientific communities, business and policymakers, in the energy and climate transitions. Her commitment enabled Marine to be appointed one of the first ambassadors of the European Climate Pact. Her speech on citizen-centric energy systems will focus on the strategies to adapt energy needs, improve the use of resources while guaranteeing decent and equal conditions to all citizens.

Pietro Elisei is President and Executive Committee Member of ISOCARP. Town and regional planner, senior researcher, and policymaker. He collaborated, as consultant, with ministries, cities and towns all over Europe, holding important positions in international organizations dedicated to urban planning (PLANUM SG, ISOCARP VP). As international expert in urban regeneration policies, integrated planning for small-medium sized cities and topics related to smart cities and strategic planning, he collaborates with EU universities, research centers and international institutions (European Commission: URBACT and UIA Secretariats, UN-Habitat, UNECE) for important urban and territorial planning research/planning tasks. In his speech, he will talk about how planning and policy design can contribute to a just transition and relaunch a sustainable development for cities.

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