Mark Deakin, Head of the Centre for Smart Cities (Edinburgh Napier University) confirmed as keynote speaker

Mark Deakin is Professor of Built Environment and Head of the Centre for Smart Cities, Institute for Sustainable Construction, at the Edinburgh Napier University

Inter-disciplinary in nature and cutting across scientific and technical boundaries, the Centre for Smart Cities (CSC), studies the on-going restructuring of the telecommunications, energy, food, water and waste management sectors championed by the European Commission (EC). In particular, that on-going restructuring, which the EC champion as a cornerstone of the Smart Cities and Communities Programme and Regional Specialisation Platform designed to sustain growth.  More specifically, that programme and regional specialisation platform, which is designed to sustain growth as part of a climate change adaptation accelerating the transition to a post-carbon economy.

CSC’s findings are captured in a Book Series on Sustainable Urban Development (4 Volumes). Books from CSC on the smart cities and communities programme include: From Intelligent to Smart Cities, Creating Smart(er) Cities and Smart Cities: Governing, Modelling and Analysing the Transition. Recent books on regional specialisation platforms, sustainable growth, climate change adaptation and role of the built environment in accelerating the transition to a post-carbon economy include: The Mass Retrofitting of an Energy Efficient – Low Carbon Zone and The Governance of City Food Systems.

At SSPCR 2017, Mark Deakin will offer a review on the smart cities literature. The critical synthesis it offers is based on an inter-disciplinary reading of smart cities and insights a Triple Helix inspired account of future internet-based developments offers into the digital infrastructures, data management systems and renewable energies of cloud computing.